Lanificio Luigi Colombo is the world’s top producer of cashmere and high quality fibers.

Knowledge of raw materials, high technology and experience in traditional craftsmanship are the distinctive elements of a philosophy built on values that create culture and culture that creates quality. It’s the simple story of a difficult job. It is a vocation that has been handed down for generations, generations who dedicated their life to the pursuit of excellence.

The entire Lanificio Luigi Colombo production process takes place in the two historic Italian plants of Borgosesia and Ghemme: from the meticulous selection of fibers to their transformation into yarns and fabrics right to the finished product. Each single phase takes place within a vertical structure under the close supervision of the Colombo Family to guarantee the highest possible degree of quality. Decades of family history, work and passion that has already been transmitted to the next generation who is learning the secrets of doing, the values of truth and the humility of knowing that you have to learn in order to be the future.

Store Manager:
Silvana Palmegiani

+44 (0) 20 8533 2177

Opening hours:
MON-SAT: 10am - 6pm
SUN: 11am - 5pm