Hackney’s Top Independent Dining Experiences

From insta-heaven to hidden gems, explore the best independent dining destinations Hackney Central has to offer with our helpful guide!

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Café Miami

Café Miami is your Instagram dream come true. Bask in the inviting pastel pink and white interior as you sit back and enjoy some well-deserved lunch – before taking a photo, of course. The menu offers a colourful range of breakfast and lunch options to suit all tastes, from a simple breakfast muffin to the indulgent chorizo, egg and avocado waffle burger. You’ll be struggling to decide which all-American dish to choose from. But if you really are struggling, staff ecommend the cinnamon roll pancakes as the perfect mid-morning treat.

Each meal is served to visual-perfection, but beware, make sure your heart shaped waffles and latte don’t go cold after your photoshoot!

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Behind This Wall

A hidden treasure on the main high street and contemporary to its core, this quirky little bar offers a plethora of homemade cocktails and Hawaiian delicacies. This is an establishment with an intrinsic love of music – you’ll find yourself relaxing amongst the minimalistic décor as smooth vinyl plays in the background.

The menu changes to match the seasons, sourcing the freshest and best quality ingredients around, so get in quick if you see a cocktail that takes your fancy. The brains behind the operation have recommended trying the Contact Rickey from the 2018 summer menu which boasts a sharp, strong and refreshing taste. While you may be filling up on cocktails bursting with fruit and flavour, be sure to save some room for the finest Hawaiian poke in Hackney. 

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You’ve never experience a set menu like this. At Pidgin, you’re get what you’re given… and here, that’s a good thing. The award-winning kitchen staff grace your plates with a strict, carefully curated set menu which changes every week – each ingredient painstakingly considered, it’s small portions, but big flavours.

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Sutton & Sons Fish and Chips

Fresh décor, vibrant atmosphere and most importantly… rustic fish and chips, it’s fair to say that Suttons and Sons are not your average chippy. Having transformed from a staple location to get your Friday night fix of fish to a trendy all-vegan affair, Sutton & Sons are catering to a new audience who are in desperate need of traditional comfort food.  

In all, if you’re looking for an old-fashioned hearty British meal, look no further. Suttons & Sons have got your quick and easy midweek dinner sorted. Here you’ll find London grub galore all for a reasonable price, and you’ll barely notice the lack of fish. From banana blossom ‘fish and chips’ to potato ‘prawns’, there really is something here for everyone. And with a brand-new vegan menu gracing its kitchens, its true to say that a trip to the chippy never goes out of style.

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Marie Kyriacou