A uniform. The idea of a pragmatic wardrobe, a framework of luxury essentials, has proved a constant source of inspiration for Joseph Ettedgui, the brand’s late founder, and for Susana Clayton,  Joseph’s current day Creative Director.

It was the cardigan stitch of his daughter’s school uniform, which Joseph translated into knitwear for stylish women everywhere that began the exploration into the possibilities of dressing for the everyday. Working with trusted craftsmen from all corners of the globe Joseph redefined each wardrobe category with a gallerist’s eye; masterfully curating the silhouette as he did his revolutionary retail concept. Today under the guidance of Clayton, and alongside the founding multi-brand model, the  Joseph collection has grown to become a contemporary designer brand respected worldwide.

Each  Joseph’ men’s and women wear collection is shown during London Fashion Week. Here, Clayton examines the nuances of the wearer, reworking classic utilitarian garments through luxurious fabrications, unexpected details and personal insights. The relaxed trouser, an elevated sweater, the immaculate blouse, a great coat and much more are not only
re-established as new and ever-modern classics, but as a defining language for the house.


Store Manager:
Luisa Carugati
+44 (0) 20 8533 6323

Opening Times:

MON-SAT: 10am - 6:30pm

SUN: 11am - 5pm